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A fly-car can help emergency medical organizations use their resources more efficiently, sending this smaller vehicle to the scene of an emergency call, where they can assess an incident's severity (especially where there is reason to suspect the injury or illness is not serious) and call in additional help if required.  The flycar is smaller than an ambulance so it can maneuver to places at a quicker pace

Such vehicles can also provide first aid assistance for patients who do not require hospital treatment, and can be treated at the scene by the crew on site (such as cuts and bruises to non-dangerous body areas), which saves conventional ambulances for other, more urgent jobs.

This can represent a resource saving on several levels, with most fly-cars costing much less than full size ambulances, and because they can often be staffed by a single person (ambulances require a minimum of two crew members: a driver and an attendant).

Fly-cars can also be used to improve response times. This especially applies in areas such as busy roads, where the smaller vehicles are able to move through traffic faster than a full size ambulance. Some fly-cars may also have off-road capabilities, giving them access to areas that traditional ambulances cannot reach.

Other uses for fly cars include work as a "supervisor" vehicle where an officer or supervisor responds to various calls but does not ride on the ambulance to the hospital. This principle especially applies where the fly-car is crewed by a paramedic, who can assist lower qualified staff, such as emergency medical technicians on an ambulance, meaning fewer people at the higher qualification level are required. However, dependent on the jurisdiction and needs of the individual service, any level of emergency medical provider from first responder to doctor can be found on fly-cars


Last updated: 01/14/10.